Hello and welcome to Glambags Market!

Here at Glambags Market we strive to provide a safe place for fashion lovers to buy and sell their designer items. We keep our fees low and you never pay anything until your item has sold!

So how did Glambags Market come to be? Let me tell you our story....

I myself am a keen buyer and seller of designer items. Through my years of buying and selling I realised it was becoming harder and harder to buy and sell safely. I had my items listed on many different sites although I seemed to always be bumping into issues -

           - My authentic and honest listings would be removed unfairly

  • - Buyers would try to scam me out of my items
  • - Fees were unclear and high
  • - I could not find a designer selling site where I could have control of my listings
  • - Most designer selling sites required me to send my item first before I could list it on the site

I just found it a real struggle! And I thought other people must have the same problem. This lead me to realise that a platform needed to be created where fashion lovers, like me, could have a place to buy and sell their designer items. And a place that was exclusively for authentic designer items.

 And Glambags Market was born! 

Maybe you are wondering why you should sell with Glambags Market instead of using the other buy and sell sites.

Well let me mention that Glambags Market gives you full control of your listing, and we will always keep our commission low. We will also advertise your item on our social media platforms. We only allow authentic items to be listed on our site therefore your item will not get lost within the fakes. 

And lastly we will work with both the buyer and seller fairly if and when any issues might arise.

Come and join us and let's carry the story on....